Amith Gems (Pvt) Ltd.

Sri Lanka, The pearl of the Indian Ocean as it is widely known is renowned for its natural beauty as well as for the exquisite gems which it bears for many centuries thanks to the god nature's willingness to fill the land with its finest minerals. That is the reason to the underlying truth that you hardly find a crown anywhere in the world without a Sri Lanka gemstone.

Amith Gems (Pvt) Ltd. Which is situated in the hill capital of Sri Lanka owns an unblemished record locally and internationally for many years being the pioneer of gem industry in Kandy and be possessed of a wide range of exquisite gems and jewellery.

Amongst them are specially the Sapphires-from Corn flower Blue Sapphire, for which Sri Lanka is very much proud of, to a wide range of colours in sapphires. Our collection of gems is rich with almost all the varieties of gem stones inclusive of very rare varieties.

Amith Gems (Pvt) Ltd consist of a jewellery workshop, lapidary, mini theatres and also a model of a natural mine explore the exclusivity of a gem stone while providing our customer a very good knowledge of minerals and gem stones originated in Sri Lanka and Overseas.

Since the value of a gem stone hinges on its cut, the art of gem cutting is always demanding. Amith Gems Lapidary is equipped with modern machineries and demonstrations are given to enlighten you on this practical matter. Get discovered how a raw material becomes a beauty along with the professional gem cutters at Amith Gems Lapidary.

Amith Gems Workshop, is a place where you can find skilled craftsmen. Since the craftsmanship passes on from father to son each touch of our craftsmen adds luster to the work. Of course, every jewellery item is paid an individual attention while taking every possible step to preserve its quality and the elegance.

Amith Gem Museum is proud of a collection of rare varieties of gem stones found in Sri Lanka and overseas enhances your knowledge of gems and "minerals" from which the gems were formed billions of years ago. What are the major qualifications of a gem stone? Crystal habits of a gem stone? What is meant by the hardness of a gem stone? How could you value a gems stone? The meaning of the four C's of a gem stone? Why a gem stone is worth wearing? The answers could be found at Amith Gem Museum. Be enlightened by our experienced Gemologists'. Yes… If you are a gem lover this place is worth paying a visit to!

Buying a gemstone should always be followed by the advices of the experts. All the gem stones and jewellery pieces what you see in our showroom tested for the genuineness and quality controlled by the experts of the field. You are always entitled for an internationally recognized certificate to prove the authenticity of each and every gem stone you buy at Amith Gems.

Being an authorized dealer under the terms and conditions of the Ceylon Tourist Board and the Gems & jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka, you are much more secured at Amith Gems.